It's a well-known fact that a word-of-mouth marketing strategy is by far the most effective, but have you ever caught yourself in a situation where someone is suggesting a business and later you find yourself trying to recall the name of that business? These days the internet is perfect for these memory lapses. If someone cannot easily find your business with through a key word search, you can guarantee that’s potential business lost. The bottom line is: in today’s digital world, if your business doesn’t have an interactive website to display the business and its services, you’re losing customers and money.

Whether you have a current website or no website at all, now is the time to re-consider leveraging the web with eIntelli Catalyst. Currently we have a solution exclusively for Salons and Spa owners to cash in on web success cost effectively and without compromising quality or functionality. Our premium template allows us to offer Salons and Spas a website that is sleek in design, easy to use, and rich in functionality allowing the new website to market for you. Our goal is to save your business time allowing the website to focus on new client retention, existing client engagement, and client referrals so you can focus on providing great service to your customers.

Aside from award winning designers creating a design that fits your business’ personality, the benefits delivered by our eIntelli Catalyst platform are priceless. The website will offer: social media integration, so your clients and referrals can see your latest deals through Twitter, like you on Facebook, or promote you through Four Square. Automated e-mail marketing so you can send your clients birthday wishes, promotions, and appointment reminders. Detailed analytics of site traffic and business transactions so you can track how your website is working for you. E-Commerce functionality so your clients can buy spa packages, services, and gift cards/certificates directly through your site. Photo gallery to show off your salon’s personality and style. Live Chat function so you can offer the best customer service to your clients. Referral tracking system so you can be sure you’re not missing out on valuable new clients, and much more. A small investment in your business’ website may be the difference between success and mediocrity

Imagine your salon with a personality all it's own projected through a sleek and easy to use website